In this specialty we attend all the functional affectations of the patient’s dental condition, in order to achieve a correct posture and bite. Once the brackets are attached or mounted, it is necessary to coordinate monthly control appointments with the patient to monitor the treatment and make adjustments or preventive corrections. In our clinic we offer the following treatment options:


Conventional braces (Garters)

  • Conventional metal braces
  • Conventional Ceramic braces

Self-Ligating braces (No Bonds)

  • Self-ligating metal
  • Ceramic self-ligating


If you notice that your teeth appear crowded, misaligned, with spaces between them or feeling pain at the level of your ears, we invite you to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with the specialist accompanied by  Dr. Franca to get a timely diagnosis.

If you need to improve your dental esthetics and harmonize your face do not hesitate to contact us.