I have been working with the Franca Sonrisa team for 3 months now. From the first day, she gave me the assessment and started explaining how she works on the smile design. I knew I was going to give her my trust.

In the evaluation the doctor told me that my gums were swollen and that before placing the design we had to work on that. She sent me a series of tips and instruments that I followed for a month. When I returned to the clinic everything was solved and we were able to proceed with the smile design. To this day, I feel very good , I love the way my teeth look and feel. Every time I go for a consultation I get more details on, so it takes the shape of a real tooth each time.

Ana Ovalles


The truth is that I am very happy with the treatment, I felt very comfortable, I have not had any discomfort in my teeth, no fractures. Truly, I love the color.

The treatment is excellent from both the doctor and the receptionist … from all of them, the place is super clean, super well kept, the truth makes you want to go, super recommended. The truth is that I was not fascinated to go to the dentist but now I even enjoy it, it is a different concept when you are lying down, there is a TV upstairs and you are entertained, I love it!!

Alex Casas


Dr. Maira is a very professional and humane person, also with a good sense of humor. One morning when I visited her office the first impression was the best starting with the hospitality and kindness of all her collaborators, it really seems like a family.

Laila Montero


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